Update: Design!

After several rounds of design (using, among others, the gorgeous designs submitted by our blogger partners ChristyAshlee, Holly, and Jacqui) and a great big survey gathering consumer feedback, here we are with our final product group! 

We were thrilled to have nearly 200 respondents to our survey, and even more thrilled that people LOVED the designs and had so many nice things to say about our inaugural line! Most of us working on the project, with the exception of our textile designer Lizzie and our illustrator Rachael, aren't technically "product designers"- so thank you, everyone who participated in the survey- for making us all feel super awesome about our art! 

Now, for your viewing pleasure: The products! 




Stay tuned for pre-ordering opportunities in April to make sure that you can snag your favorite product! If you're interested in a wholesale order consisting of these designs, or even a custom design of your own printed on ethically made tees with eco-inks, contact us