Update: Screenprinting Skills

It's getting real. With just a little over a month to go until A Beautiful Refuge officially launches in the Philippines, anticipation is running high for our team in Tagaytay and for our US partners as well! 

When setting up a screen printing shop it's important to, well, KNOW HOW to screen print. Thankfully screen printing whiz kid and Press Coverage owner Jared has been kind enough to teach Andrew and I the ropes so that we'll be able to transfer that knowledge to A Beautiful Refuge's new employees once we reach the Philippines. 

In the shop, we had a bit of a funny moment as I quickly discovered that screen printing equipment isn't built for short women! In order to get just the right amount of pressure to apply ink to your fabric, you have to be able to lean over the press and bear down a bit. At just over 5 feet, my arms just bareeeely reached where they needed to. Needless to say, plans are now underway to customize the height of our equipment as we set up shop- with an average height of 4'11', our Filipina mama's aren't going to fare any better than I did! 

Hope you've enjoyed this little project sneak peek! From myself, Andrew, our team partners here in the US, and the women at Safe Refuge: THANK YOU for making all of this possible. How absolutely amazing that we've all come together to create a brand-new business. I'm in awe!